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34th/161st to bring Peace light from Bethlehem to Balbriggan- Sunday December 18th at 10 am Mass

In December each year a candle will be lit in the grotto of Christs birth in the Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem. This flame will be taken be young Israeli & Palestinian Scouts to Tel Aviv airport where it will be brought to Austria.

Then a service for the gift of peace will be held in Vienna. Scouts from all over Europe will the transport the flame all over the world.

Scouting Ireland delegates will collect the flame in Holyhead & bring it to Dublin. A Peace light service will be held in Dublin to pass the Peace light onto Scout Groups who will bring it to their community's and parishes. The chain of light is a symbol of peace, warmth, love & family. By passing on this peace light of Bethlehem we want to spread happiness and hope into the hearts of all who come in contact with it.

Our 34th/161st Balbriggan Scouts will be collecting the Peace light and present it to the people of Balbriggan on Sunday December 18th at 10 am Mass. This is a beautiful symbol to bring into your home and share with friends and family, please feel free to bring a candle and lantern of your own, so you can be a part of this wonderful spirit of Christmas. There are so many who wish for peace this season, why not spread it this Christmas all over our beautiful town. The light will remain lit all over Christmas in the Church

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