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Ask not what you can do for your Community...

This week is national volunteering week, Balbriggan has some wonderful organisations that thrive only because of the selfless sacrifices of volunteers. There are many organisations and groups looking for volunteers from scouts to tidy towns. A great way to be immersed in your community make friends and give back to your community. If you have any spare time seek out a club or organisation and offer your support and help.

Also this week the Fingal Mayor's Community Volunteer Awards shortlist has been announced with more than a dozen from Balbriggan and near by. People that for years have devoted hundreds of hours, tireless volunteering giving up weekends to devote to youth causes, tidy towns, meals on wheels, integration. People who put their shoulder to the wheel, put in the hours and help fantastic organisations make the community we all live in so much better. All for no financial gain, just the satisfaction of giving and making someone's else's life better.

Balbriggan Tidy Towns Volunteers is offering anyone that has been nominated for for the Fingal Mayor's Community Volunteer Awards the opportunity to tell their story and spread the word to everyone to vote for those they believe deserve to be recognised.

Click here to vote & see the full list of nominations.

Email Here to tell us about your nominee

National Volunteering Week will take place from 14th – 20th May 2018. It is a whole week dedicated to highlighting volunteering across Ireland and is run in partnership with the network of Volunteer Centres and Volunteering Information Services.

This year’s theme is Volunteering Builds Better Communities. From local Tidy Towns groups to Community First Responders and the parents coaching their children’s sports teams – coming together to give back makes a community stronger. When people volunteer they feel closer to their community and the people in it, and they take pride in their community.

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