Balbriggan Gospel Choir encourages positivity and well being through voice.

Balbriggan Gospel Choir Founders: Dave Flood, Ciaran Melia, Jonathon Collins, Edel Murray, Jayne Robinson Brogan, Sharon Kelly.

Several weeks ago, a call went out to the people of Balbriggan “Who wants to be in a Balbriggan Gospel Choir?” this during a time of bad press and not very good publicity for the town of Balbriggan. The call came from a young lady Jayne Robinson who was soon joined by Sharon Kelly, Edel Murray, Jonathon Collins and Dave Flood from Cadence Music School in Balbriggan who will direct the choir. So at a time when all the talk about Balbriggan was for the wrong reasons, deep from the community a new light started to shine, illuminating the positively and good will that exists at the heart of Balbriggan. This project has the power to bring Balbriggan together in a true spirit of community a hand has been reached out to everyone in the community to get involved.

After weeks of preparation, pooling resources and reaching out to every branch and element of Balbriggan Community, last night a light shone through and the room in the Bracken Court Hotel was positively charged with talent, emotion and a willingness to encourage positivity and well being through voice. This was the fist time all the founders, members and people from the community came together to establish something wonderful.

Video by Fingal Histories (level 9 films)

One person who went down on the night to show their support for the new venture was local Councillor Malachy Quinn, he ended up joining the choir and is looking forward to the choir progressing and preforming on the big stage. Malachy told “It was a very positive night for all involved- an idea that took shape following the performance of the Dublin Gospel Choir by Jayne Robinson has gathered enormous support by the community. In recent times, our town has been the subject of unfair coverage by tabloid media, last night proves that Balbriggan is a great town with some talented performers. I went down to support this New venture & joined up....looking forward to the choir progressing & performing on the big stage! Well done to all the fellow members” spoke with Jayne Robinson today following last night success “the first night was a huge success the connection in the room all the amazing voices and we are so looking forward to the future. The smiles on all their faces she said. Jayne went on to express her gratitude to the Bracken Court Hotel for all their support.

Also she reminded us next rehearsal is next Wednesday 7.00pm to 8.30pm Bracken Court Hotel. We are looking in the future to enter competitions and be on stage it is a huge success.

The new Balbriggan Choir is now up and running, they are still seeking new members and have aske particular for more male voices to come and get involved.

Well done everybody, myself and wish you all the greatest success.