Balbriggan Harbour 2nd most Littered according to IBAL Study.

Balbriggan Harbour Clean up 1984

Balbriggan beach and harbour come in 2nd worst litter spot across all of the country's beaches and waterways according the latest litter survey by business group Irish Business Against Litter.

Under 3 categories "clean", "littered" or "heavily littered". Balbriggan beach and harbour come 2nd in the 2nd worse category of "littered".

Balbriggan Harbour has been recognised for development under the Our Balbriggan plan which aims to within 2 - 4 years:

"Reimagine the Harbour Area: A leisure destination which makes the most of its scenic location, attracting walkers, visitors and diners. A place where people meet and linger and enjoy the authentic experience of a small working fishing port nestled into a walled harbour, overlooking a wonderful beach, connecting with a rejuvenated quay street, main street and other leisure and tourism opportunities. "

I think the people of Balbriggan would rather see our beautiful tourist spots approached first. A little maintenance and an initial tidy up could go along way to addressing the problems outlined in the IBAL report.

Balbriggan Tidy Towns group who regularly met at this area conduct periodic clean ups and massive amounts of litter and debris are collected. They need the support of more volunteers but also the county council need to step in and invest in and complete overhaul of the ara needs to take place.

Balbriggan Tidy Towns

“Our regular surveys consistently show 80% of our towns to be clean. We cannot say the same for our beaches and waterways,” comments Conor Horgan of IBAL. “For us as a business group this is about protecting tourism and our recreational assets, but it is equally about global impact and our future – the litter we encounter in these areas will typically enter our seas and add to the problem of marine litter, which is threatening our very survival.”

Irish Business Against Litter has been conducting surveys of towns and cities since 2002 and has witnessed a spectacular rise in cleanliness over that period. This is the second year that the study has extended to coastal areas and waterways. “We have seen significant improvement year on year but will keep putting pressure on local authorities and others to give priority to these areas and support the work of the thousands of volunteers cleaning litter from our coastlines. There is no reason why they should not be as clean as our towns.” 

IBAL Litter Survey Balbriggan Harbour