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Balbriggan Keyboard warriors fruits finally revealed.

Finally after months of campaigning for the original 343 submissions made by the people of Balbriggan to the Castlelands Master Plan have been published.

Click HERE to view 343 August 2018 Submissions

In May of this year I wrote a blog calling for the submissions to be made public from the previous Castlelands Master Plan public consultation held in September 2018

Read: Why are 341 Castleland Master Plan submissions hidden from public view?

These submissions contain extensive detailed submissions, hundreds of which came as a direct result of a call by myself through and supported by North Fingal Pool Campaign. We called on the people of Balbriggan to use their voice and to call for new facilities and improvements before any new development.

Together we called on the people of Balbriggan to engage with fingal and demand improvements. 8 Bullet points we asked you to send to Fingal County Council. In a blog:

Read: Castlelands Public Consultation- Balbriggan Keyboard Warriors, your time to shine.

These 343 submissions should have been available to people when the second round of consultation took place in May of this year. They would have gone a long way to informing people of the views that had already been expressed.

As a direct result of this campaign Fingal County Council conceded to your demands for a swimming pool and much more. We were able to show Balbriggan people once awoken and making this demands made in a structured manner can achieve results.

Fingal Independent March 2nd 2019 "

North Fingal Pool Campaign says thanks to its supporters"

The subsequent second round of public consultation resulted in 973 submississsion in May of this year again down to many local community groups working closely together and in a meaningful way campaigning and calling for change.

Click HERE to view 973 May 2019 Submissions

Due to the high level of public engagement and pressure being applied by Balbriggan people to leverage better facilities and improvements for our town the amended plan will be presented at the next local area meeting. Following which the plan will be presented to the first full Fingal County Council meeting in October.

Do not relent Balbriggan, keep the foot on the gas.


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