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Balbriggan people demand action on Gangs & Crime.

Since the weekend we have received many messages and calls about the emergency meeting I proposed in a post on Balbriggan Network at the weekend to raise the concerns of Balbriggan people on the rise of gangs, antisocial behaviour and crime.

There is also protest being held on Wednesday night by concerned residents and business owners. While I hope the protest is a success and a big turnout will defiantly help raise the concerns that are being voiced it needs to be followed up by a meeting of concerned residents, community groups and public representatives. I believe Balbriggan Community Council are best placed to facilitate this meeting and I feel people should contact them directly and call on them to listen to the concerns of the people of Balbriggan and call an Emergency Public Meeting, Balbriggan Community Council can be contacted at or they have a Facebook page or post your comments on the post on Balbriggan Network.

There is an opportunity now to get off your keyboards and take action that will make a real difference join the protest on Wednesday night or support the public meeting or both, just please do something to help stop the rise in gang activity and crime in Balbriggan.

You can read the original post on Balbriggan Network and copy and paste the link below to share

I can be contacted at

Balbriggan Network is a private Facebook group moderated by several Balbriggan residents and we are trying to maintain a Facebook group where issues facing the community can be discussed in a civilised manor, we try to achieve this by asking members to stick to a set of rules that allow good debate and prevent the group discussion not to descend into abuse or slagging matches. We don’t allow business advertising and try to only allow verified community members to join. We hope you will use Balbriggan Network to discuss all local issues.

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