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Balbriggan’s Local Development Committee - A New Dawn Approaches?

New Group issues a Statement:

Inspired by the World Café series and Facebook discussions a number of locally based residents have decided to explore the merits of setting up Balbriggan’s Local Development Committee so as to understand and identify grassroots issues associated with current and future development proposals under the much welcomed ‘Our Balbriggan’ investment initiative. The purpose of this grassroots community group will likely be three fold:

1. The first purpose is to provide a forum so as to assist Fingal County Council and Local Councillors to understand, identify and arrest any potentially negative economic externalities associated with past, current and future developments in the local area and learn from these.

2. The second purpose is to ensure at grassroots level that the maximum economic multiplier effect is obtained from every euro of inward public investment from this initiative. This will be sought via harnessing a new dawn in positive participation from both the public and private sectors alongside due respect and foresight for our local community’s Built and Natural Environment.

3. Finally, the third purpose is to provide all interested parties with a vehicle for continuous grassroots engagement so as to demand that this initiative becomes one of the most successful socio-economic coastal town rejuvenation schemes in Europe.

A number of individuals are meeting up to discuss these ambitions over drinks tomorrow, Tuesday 11th of December, at 7.30pm in O’Sheas pub Balbriggan (overlooking our harbour and beach). If there is anyone else interested in this issue they are more than welcome to come along!

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