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Balbriggan Sea Pollution: Local Swimmers Rally for Action


Balbriggan, a picturesque coastal town located in Fingal, Ireland, is renowned for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters. However, in recent years, the town has faced a growing environmental concern—sea pollution. The contamination of Balbriggan's sea has prompted a group of local swimmers, known as "Balbriggan Swimming Socks," to organize a peaceful protest in a bid to protect their beloved sea and call for urgent action against pollution. Through a petition and a planned demonstration, these passionate individuals aim to raise awareness and hold Fingal County Council accountable for safeguarding the marine ecosystem.

The Protest:

In their efforts to combat the escalating issue of sea pollution, Balbriggan Swimming Socks has taken to social media platforms, particularly Facebook, to mobilize the community. The group's Facebook post announces a peaceful protest scheduled for Saturday, 17th June, where concerned citizens will assemble at the iconic Martello Tower in Balbriggan at 10 am. The protestors intend to march through the main street, turning left at Molly's Café, and culminating their demonstration at the harbor. Balbriggan Swimming Socks is eagerly seeking public support, hoping to send a strong message to Fingal County Council about the pressing need for intervention.

The Petition:

In addition to organizing the protest, Balbriggan Swimming Socks initiated a petition titled "Protect Balbriggan's Water & Wildlife." This online campaign has gained traction as it calls upon Fingal County Council to take immediate action against the perpetrators responsible for recent oil spills. The petition specifically requests the installation of CCTV cameras along the river to capture illegal oil dumping incidents. Furthermore, the group advocates for the implementation of oil detection sensors along the river to detect contamination promptly.

The petition's message emphasizes the importance of preserving Balbriggan's natural resources for swimmers, dog walkers, and all community members who cherish the pristine beauty of the area. By rallying support through this petition, Balbriggan Swimming Socks aims to drive change and demand a thorough investigation into the sources of the oil spills. The group passionately underscores the fact that oil is a carcinogenic substance that poses severe threats to all forms of life, making it imperative to prevent further pollution incidents.

Call for Action:

The concerned citizens of Balbriggan are calling upon all residents to sign the petition to protect the town's water and wildlife. By signing this petition, community members demonstrate their commitment to ensuring a clean and thriving marine environment for future generations. The petition can be accessed and joined on the platform at


Balbriggan's sea pollution has become a grave concern for the local community, particularly for the passionate swimmers who have formed the Balbriggan Swimming Socks group. Their proactive approach to addressing the issue through a peaceful protest and an online petition exemplifies their dedication to safeguarding the marine ecosystem. As concerned citizens unite to amplify their voices and demand action, it is hoped that Fingal County Council will respond promptly by implementing measures to prevent oil spills, installing surveillance systems, and ultimately protecting the precious waters of Balbriggan.

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