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Balbriggan Walkability Study to take place this week and your help is needed.

Thanks to Tom O'Neill from Balbriggan guide dogs for drawing our attention to this important assessment taking place in Balbriggan this week. Balbriggan News hasn't received any updates on this initiative and I was also unaware it was taking place until I received this email from Tom.

Balbriggan Walkability Study will take place on the 6th of November and the plan is to meet in the Bracken Court Hotel at 9.45am to break up into three groups . there will be three routes around the Balbriggan area and each of these routes will be mapped out and they are approximately 1.2 klms in distance. The aim of the day is to look at the condition of the roads, the time it takes to cross at

the traffic lights, the broken pavements, street lighting, bins left out in

the pathways, advertisement sandwich boards blocking passage for people

walking, pushing buggies or in wheelchairs etc., these are but a few of the items that will be discussed while on a Walkability Study.

Walkability audits examine and evaluate the walking environment in a given area. The audit's purpose is to "identify concerns for pedestrians related to the safety, access, comfort, and convenience of the walking environment.

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