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Balrothery Based Comic Book Guy Launches Online Comic Store

The Online Comic Shop

A brief history of the site

The site is something I started 9 years ago. I had a site custom built ready to launch and ordered

stock from suppliers when we we’re delighted to discover that we we’re due our first child so I

decided as money would be tight to not to go ahead with it at that time.

It was a dream I had never really let go off in all of that time.

The Online Comic Shop
Barry Gibney owner The Online Comic Shop

In 2019 later after we had our second child. I found out they re-printed an exact copy of Spider-mans first appearance in Amazing Fantasy number 15 and I thought to myself that would look brilliant on his little bedroom wall. So at 3 months old I took him into a comic book shop for the very first time to get him his own copy. While there I started to flick through back issues for myself something I hadn’t done in a while. So a spark was re-ignited. Then covid happened, during covid I wanted to get back into collecting and getting a copy of every batman issue since my date of birth but struggled with very basic sites and limited online options here in Ireland.

So low and behold I decided to re-open the shop offering the best range and service I could to the

people of Ireland whom like me don’t live close to a comic shop or haven’t got the time to travel to

one and want to flick through the current or back issues to find their diamond in the rough.

I started working on the site on January 2022 with no experience building a website.

The website launched in May of 2022 & to my amazement, I got my first sale.

I have worked every evening for at least 1 hour a day over the last 18 months trying to deliver a

platform that would deliver the customer experience that I felt as a customer was missing with a

large range of new and old issues along with the ability to search by creators, publishers, or years. Ever since then it has been a joy refining the website, buying more stock on bulk and also heading out to markets, fairs and cons to meet more people in this amazing community.

What does the future hold for the site?

* Now a proud member of the Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce

* I will be at Underground Cinema Comic Con in Dun Laoghaire on Sunday Sept. 10 th .

* Engaging with local Irish companies that are experts in building websites to hopefully further

deliver on that customer experience.

Barry has offered one lucky reader of a €15 voucher with free delivery, just share this blog for a chance to win.

What we do...

Here at the OCS we are comic book fans and have been in the hobby most of our lives.

We love our local comic shop or LCS for short and encourage you to get into them as often as you

can either to just engage with the hobby by rummaging in back issues or talking to the great people in stores. However if like us these trips are few and far between due to distance, busy lives or just none iny our location. This is where The Online Comic Shop can help.

Who We Are

Honestly we are just collectors trying to fill out our runs. The Online Comic Shop is an extension of

our hobby. A way to engage and give back to other collectors

Collect However You Want

No matter if you rather A-covers or variants, single issues or collected editions.

The Online Comic Store just wants to give you the ability to browse easily & get you directly to what ever you collect.

How We Can Help

We put in a lot of our time tagging & cataloguing comics so you can search your favourite characters. Filter comics by publisher or flick through titles issue by issue.

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