Blue Dragon Balbriggan's Kung Fu Grandpa.

75 Year Old Sean Dunne Awarded Kung Fu 1st Duan Black Sash.

Sifu Keith Fanning from Blue Dragon Iron Fist, a health and fitness club on Convent Lane awarded local man Sean Dunne 75 his 1st Duan Black Sash. A great achievement for Sean and the Club.

Sifu Keith said "With a crowd of 40 spectators and a panel of 8 Sean was cool as a cucumber and got to work on showing everyone how well he knew his stuff.. starting off with his 4 foot pole form and then into his black sash form and finishing that section with a chi gung form. Next was onto the weapons section where Sean had to defend and disarm an opponent armed with a baton then a knife and finally a broken bottle."

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Congratulation Sean, for the full story and more photos see the Sifu Keiths latest Blog HERE