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Boundary Committee Report: Balbriggan Ward reduced from 8 to 5 seats.

Report published tonight by Local Electoral Area Boundary Committee sees Balbriggan Ward reduced to take in only Balbriggan Rural, Balbriggan Urban, Holmpatrick, and Skerries. This new smaller area will be served by 5 Councillors to be elected at next Mays Local Elections.

In February the Boundary Committee invited submissions from the public, organisations and concerned groups. With a post on I called for people to have their say. Nearly 50 submissions were received on the Fingal boundaries.

You can see that post here

Todays report has gone even further that what we recommended and reducing the area covered and the number of councillors to 5 will ensure this new Balbriggan/Skerries ward will be very well represented at Fingal County Council. Soon the work will begin to ensure the right people fill those 5 seats.

New Fingal LEA

Current Fingal LEA

Full Committee report can be downloaded here

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