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Brace yourselves, the posters are coming...

This week will see our towns and villages smothered in election posters. Balbriggan & Balrothery Tidy Towns have called for reductions and bans in specific areas and a nationwide campaign by calls for an end to the practice.

To work there has to be complete agreement new entrants and smaller parties and organisations will suffer the most and taking campaigns online is only going to appeal to some.

My own experience is, I have met many people on the doors who are not online and did not know I am running in the local elections. I have committed to not place posters on the main streets of Balbriggan and Balrothery. I will also only use 50% of the number of posters I have been recommended to use. So how best to I reach everyone?

I would love to hear from our readers what suggestions there are to reduce this practice and make it more environmentally sound.

Leave your comments on our facebook page.

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