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Call to stand in Solidarity with Ukrainian people tomorrow in Balbriggan.

Garrett Mullen from Balbriggan who's wife is Ukrainian has sent the following plea and calls on the people of North Fingal to join him and stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

- The invasion of Ukraine by the army of Putin is an act of catastrophic proportions. My wife's sister Halya and her son Kostya came to Balbriggan for the first time just last December. from Ternopil, West Ukraine.

During the week, they walked the beach, went to Ardgillan Castle and visited Howth, Dublin and Giants Causeway. It was an ideal holiday to north Dublin.

Just Thursday night, herself, her husband and two boys spent the night in the basement of their apartment block sheltering. What a grim contrast.

Balbriggan has a significant Ukrainian population. They are living here in Balbriggan but are from all parts of Ukraine. They are distraught at what is happening.

My wife and I are reaching out to invite all to join together in support of Ukrainians in Ireland and in Ukraine to stay to Russian' forces to Stop the War. Stop the Barbarity.

Kharkiv in North Eastern Ukraine. Regional Children's Hospital under bombardment, oncology department in the basement. Shared by the courageous IDCC Ukrainian/Russian translator in Kharkiv, Olena Ishchenko.

Yesterday, outside the Russian embassy, as well as Ukrainians and Irish, there were Russian, Kazakhs, Moldovans, Lithuanians, Georgians present.

In Balbriggan, we have people of many nationalities and we live well together.

Tomorrow (Sunday) at 11:30-12noon, we invite you to meet outside the Balbriggan library. Putin, invest your money in making Russia a better country not bombing others. Bring flags and signs.

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