Campaign to help North County Outreach Founder with illness

Hi my name is Bryan Campbell I run North County Outreach with wife Edel. This is a voluntary group feeding the homeless and assisting struggling families in the local area.

Edel has suffered chronic pain for the last number of years. Since a car crash in 2011 and was forced to stop working. She has been on a waiting list to see a specialist to get an official diagnosis for fibromyalgia.

Recently due to numerous stays in hospital she noticed she sleeps better on there beds as they can be adjusted to her rather than her adjust to the bed. Ive been fundraising to get her a specialised bed to help through gofundme, A bed for Edel.

On her latest stay in hospital a couple of weeks ago Edel was diagnosed with an aggressive stage 4 cancer. And some of our friends organised an event to help raise funds towards the bed and future medical expenses. Edels head shave and family fun day

Click Here For Edel's Head Shave and Family Fun Day !!

We are hoping to get as many people there as possible to come along and help Edel a woman who devotes so much time to helping others.

You can follow Edels journey with the big C on facebook.

Click Here to follow Edels journey on Facebook