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Can I fly my drone? where can I walk my dog? New Park Bye Laws announced.

Fingal County Council launched a new comprehensive guide to the new Park Bye Laws. Helping inform where dogs can be allow off their leash or where drones can be flown. see all the details below.

Fingal launches new Park Bye Laws at Flavours of Fingal festival

Fingal County Council launched its new Park Bye-Laws at the Flavours of Fingal Festival on Saturday, 23 June.

The launch aimed to provide users of Fingal’s parks and public spaces with a comprehensive guide to the new Park Bye Laws which relate to dog walking, barbequing and use of sports facilities.

The new Park Bye Laws also inform users of where and when dogs are allowed to be off leash which allows parks and open spaces to be enjoyed by all who visit them.

The Bye Laws also inform users of what activities are prohibited in parks such as littering, taking drugs or alcohol and graffiti. The use of drones is also restricted.

Attending the launch was Senior Parks Superintendent, Kevin Halpenny who said: “The new Park Bye Laws have been created to reflect the needs of Fingal’s Park users. The parks in Fingal are valued and enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. The new bye laws aim to make parks and open spaces safer, cleaner and more enjoyable for everyone.”

Also attending the launch was Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Anthony Lavin who said: “The parks and open spaces in Fingal are extremely important to the county’s culture, heritage and tourism. Their natural beauty attracts visitors from all over the country as well as Fingal residents. It is vital to implement user Bye Laws in order to preserve them so that future generations can continue to enjoy them.”

Chief Executive of Fingal County Council, Paul Reid said: “The parks and open spaces in the county are a huge asset for Fingal County Council. It is essential that we protect these by keeping them clean and ensuring they are respected by all who visit them so that they can be enjoyed by the many park users.”

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