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Can you help Eurovision winner Linda Martin in a bid take over the running of Dublin's dog pound?

"Is there anybody out there that has boarding kennels they would be willing to rent to me or a warehouse?" Local lass Linda Martin asks the people of Balbriggan if they can help her.

Linda has been involved in animal welfare for the last thirty years. Linda told Balbriggan News "It’s my passion, I'd love people to think, 'That's a sanctuary and a safe, warm and compassionate place where I could surrender my dog without feeling like a villain or I could go and adopt a dog'."

Talking live with Ryan Tuberty this week she told listeners about the support she has gained and that her plan is taking shape, she said "Dogs Trust has written me a beautiful email pledging their support and also offering to let me use their staff, who not only train their staff but train the dogs as well," she said.

"I've got an awful lot of support behind me and I just know I can do it. I just know I can make a difference to the stray and surrendered dogs in Ireland and also possibly change the whole perception of what a pound is.

The dog pound contract will be renewed very soon and the County Councils will be asking for tenders to operate same. Linda intends to tender and ticks all the boxes except premises and is seeking a suitable solution. She says "I want to rent existing dog kennels. Providing they have planning permission.

Or maybe stables or even a warehouse in an industrial estate then I could apply for a change of use."

Does anybody have what I’m looking for?

It’s very important that we can provide a warm safe compassionate place for stray dogs.

Any help would be appreciated.

If you can help or know someone that may have suitable premises then let us know here at Balbriggan News email

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