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Candidate Garrett Mullan is hosting a public meeting

With Sports Capital Funding going to private schools and the betting tax ring fenced for horse and greyhound racing, new thinking is needed on funding sports.

Local election candidate Garrett Mullan is hosting a public meeting with key stakeholders in sports provision on Tuesday at 7:30pm in the Bracken Court Hotel. The speakers include David Flynn (Secretary of Balbriggan Athletics Club), Paula Mc Kenzie (Balbriggan Vikings Basketball) and Fran Gavin (Director of Competitions ant the Football Association of Ireland).

The purpose of the meeting is to generate discussion on how best public policy can support sport. If there is a good turnout, it will signal an eagerness to address the issue and hopefully impact the level of amenities provision in Balbriggan and beyond.

With upcoming local elections and the central role that local authorities have in providing for sport, it is an opportune time to raise questions on new thinking for supporting sport.

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