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Castlelands Public Consultation- Balbriggan Keyboard Warriors, your time to shine.

Submissions must be made on or before Tuesday 28th August 2018

Balbriggan, a public consultation opened on July 31st. As I write this only 19 online submissions have been posted. I have seen hundreds of comments and posts about this on facebook and in blogs, some are brilliant, some are fair enough and some are rubbish however they all are meaningless unless they are submitted to Fingal County Council, where they have to pay due regard to the interests of the residents of Balbriggan. Everyone is welcome to make a submission and air their views, this is not just for people who live in Castlelands. We all must engage with the council and make our views known, no point whinging online when we don’t have the facilities and amenities we want for our beloved town.

It needs to be noted that the area highlighted for development could facilitate 1000s of homes. It is important to make wise choices when considering your views and not simply object for the sake of nimbyism. Think about the current housing crises with 1000’s of children living in hotels. Our own children will want affordable homes in their own town one day. Sometimes trying to stop building progression is like trying to stop the tide and it would be better to focus our attention on ensuring that if more development is to happen than facilities and amenities are prioritised first, that roads, public transport, schools etc are all more than adequate and these things are done in tandem with development not just promised for afterwards. We can insist through public consultation on high quality building, with a good fair mix of social, affordable and private housing with densities and green spaces easy access and so on. Homes and living spaces that everyone can enjoy.

You can also object, whatever your view, put it in writing and send it in this type of planning has a critical role to play when competing interests put forward differing views on future development options. By focusing on the interests of the common good for proper planning and long-term sustainable development we can ensure Balbriggan town becomes a modern, sustainable town we call all be proud to call home.

30 sec option - Click here to send email to and make your comment.


If your have 2 minutes GO HERE and copy & paste the below text that I have sent as my submission


“In relation to the Castlelands Master Plan, theses are the issues I feel must be addressed and take priority during planning of any new development in Balbriggan Town

  • Leisure Facilities to include swimming pool.

  • Improved cycle & pedestrian access to Argillan Castle & Park.

  • Balbriggan Front Beach Landscaped and modernised including bank to train station.

  • Greenway Paths to Skerries/Ardgillan and North to Gormanston.

  • Incentives and Solutions to encourage commerce back to main street.

  • Modernise streets to include more pedestrian zones, street architecture & furniture.

  • Fair and balanced density of housing.

  • Link road to Skerries Coast road competed.

Thank You

(Insert Your Name)"


If you are interested in how the Castlelands Masterplan will develop and wish to contribute to the shaping of its future, please make a written submission to the Planning Authority before Tues 28th August 2018.

Written submissions to inform the preparation of the Castlelands Masterplan can be made in the following ways:

Uploading submissions on the Fingal County Council website HERE

By email to

Or by post to the

Senior Executive Officer

Planning and Strategic Infrastructure Department,

Fingal County Council, County Hall, Main Street, Swords,

Co. Dublin, K37 X8Y2

Submissions must be made on or before Tuesday 28th August 2018.

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