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Cathal Boland welcomed the publication of a new series of online planning information leaflets

Independent Fingal Councillor Cathal Boland welcomed the publication of a new series of online planning information leaflets. Cathal Boland Said “These new leaflets contain practical, accessible information on how the planning system works”.

Bolan went on “The leaflets explain different aspects of the planning system in a clear and concise way. They answer questions and give advice on a range of planning related topics. The purpose of the leaflets is to make the planning system clearer from a public perspective and to inform people how they can participate in the planning process in a meaningful way.”

It is important that all Local Authorities ensure that these leaflets will be made available not only in Councils Offices, but also prominently presented in local libraries, and citizen information Offices. It is important that the public understand the Planning Process and how to effectively engage with it.

The new leaflets have been produced by the Office of the Planning Regulator (OPR) in conjunction with the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage.

The new leaflets are entitled:

· Introducing the Planning System

· A Guide to the Development Plan

· A Guide to Planning Permission

· A Guide to Making a Planning Application

· A Guide to Making a Planning Appeal

· A Guide to Planning Enforcement in Ireland

· A Guide to Applying for Planning Permission to Build a House

· A Guide to Doing Work Around the House

· Agricultural and Farm Development-The Planning Issues

· A Guide to Planning for the Business Person

· Environmental Assessments and Planning in Ireland

· A Guide to Architectural Heritage

· Archaeology in the Planning Process

· Strategic Infrastructure Development

Empowering citizens with information and knowledge of the planning process will generate better planning outcomes for individuals and communities.

The leaflets are available at information centres.

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