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Chapel Street 1950’s & Recent Streetview

Its a blustery morning in Balbriggan this morning with rain expected for most of the day. Todays photo is another from John Evans, he used to stay with Sheila Reynolds on Drogheda Street. See more information below taken from the Fingal Indo in 2009. This photo is obviously taken from the upstairs bedroom looking up Chapel Street. We think its the 1950’s but it could be the early 1960’s. We’ve also attached a street view of the house where John stayed and looking up Chapel street. If my memory is correct, the building on the corner, Goldsmiths, was only built in the 1990’s. Here is a piece The Fingal Indo published in 2009 about John Evans, 'In the 1950s I visited Balbriggan a number of times with my mother and father, but mainly with my father Ernie Evans. 'My grandmother came from Balbriggan, hence the connection. I think he visited Balbriggan many times in the 30s, 40s, 50s and possibly in the 60s. I remember staying at a house belonging to a lady called Sheila.''I have a few photos and negatives taken by my late father mainly of people who would all be dead by now apart from two photos of me with some children from Balbriggan who look younger than me.' From then on John has sent on photograph upon photograph along with whatever new information he can find from a near forgotten era in Balbriggan. John's grandmother on his father's side is called Sheila Andrews and his mother was Helen who was born in Belfast. Sheila still lives in the town to this day and recently celebrated her 90th birthday."

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