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Comic couple to return to Naul venue where they 1st met

Newly wed comedians Fred Cooke and Julie Jay will return to the Naul next week - where they met for the first time at a gig.

Fred Cooke Family

The loved-up duo will revisit the Seamus Ennis Centre on February 25th but promise they'll have a babysitter for their son Ted - this time!

"Our first gig when restrictions eased was meant to be the geting out for the night gig in Kilkenny but we forgot to get a babysitter for our 16 month old son" laughed Fred

"I was changing his nappy just seconds before we went on stage and we had to hand him to the poor MC on the night to take care of backstage.

"When I walked in for the sound check wheeling a pram, the lads thought it was my guitar case. We should have called that gig 'Two Comedians and a baby."

But the pair have admitted that they are really looking forward to their first restriction-free gig at the venue where it all began.

"I had been supporting Tommy Tiernan for a few years and had been back doing solo gigs when I was performing at the Naul on the same night as Julie Jay.

"I offered to drive her to her car - which was as it goes, just parked in front of mine so I guess it all started with laughter.

"So we are really looking forward to coming back and sharing the laughter with everyone at the Centre. And I won't be changing a nappy before the show so there'll be no sudocreme jokes," he laughed.

Tickets for the nappy free night can be obtained from

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