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Construction to begin on Balbriggan Skate Park

Fingal County Council is delighted to announce that construction of a destination style skate park will in Millpond Park, Balbriggan.

Freestyle Skateparks have designed and built over 600 skateparks in the last 30 years and have been contracted by Fingal County Council to build the skate park in Balbriggan. It is expected that the skate park will be completed and available for use within the first half of 2019.

The classic plaza style facility is designed for families and spectators to appreciate as well as users and will cater for a wide age-range and level of experience. Community engagement has been essential in this process. Before tendering for the project, Fingal County Council’s Parks & Green Infrastructure Division undertook a design workshop with the Balbriggan skate park Committee and local users to determine their requirements. A key element of the project was that the design of the skatepark be informed by the stakeholder feedback and complemented the character of Millpond Park.

The news has been welcomed by the Balbriggan Skatepark Committee. A spokesperson for the Committee said: “It is heart-warming to know that the local Balbriggan Community and Fingal County Council can work so constructively together towards the completion of such well-sought-after recreational projects. We know that the Skaters and wider Balbriggan community alike will be very grateful for the support given to secure this well-needed sport facility.”

Welcoming the news, Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Anthony Lavin said: “The construction of the skatepark in Balbriggan will be a wonderful resource for the community. Recreational spaces are important for residents to make connections in their communities and pursue their interests. I’m delighted that the Council were able to contribute this project and look forward to its completion.”

Fingal County Council’s Director of Planning and Strategic Infrastructure, AnnMarie Farrelly, said: “The skate park in Millpond Park will be a valuable addition for Balbriggan. The provision of services and amenities that allow residents access to public and recreational spaces is vital in developing healthy and happy communities.”

The construction of the skate park follows the announcement of the Balbriggan socio-economic strategy in 2018. The strategy includes the allocation of €10 million to be used for the development of Balbriggan’s infrastructure, amenities and public spaces, including the construction of the skate park.

Chief Executive of Fingal County Council, Paul Reid said: “Fingal has the youngest population in Ireland so it is vital that we invest in services to improve their standard of living. The construction of the skate park in Balbriggan will contribute to this as it allows young people to enjoy the amenities in their local area.

“The development of the skate park is an example of how the Balbriggan Strategy can positively affect Balbriggan residents. Community engagement has allowed Fingal County Council to work with Balbriggan residents to shape and influence the order of priorities and I am delighted to see progress being made with the commencement of the skate park development.”

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