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Continued calls for Marine and Coastal Management Strategic Policy Committee

Cllr Cathal Boland issues statement on new initiatives on Fingal coastal areas his post on Facebook states
"Following on my proposal to Fingal County Council to establish a Marine and Coastal Management Strategic Policy Committee it’s good to see the appointment of a Harbour Master to manage Balbriggan, Skerries, Loughshinney and Rush Harbours which are under the control of Fingal County Council.
A good report was made to the Area Committee last week on the current position of the harbour. This can be watched on the Webcast of the Area Committee of last Thursday.

Click HERE to view webcast

Work is already underway at both Balbriggan and Skerries while Repair Works are Scheduled to commence tomorrow the 18th of April on Rush Harbour.
The four Harbours all a valuable part of what I like to describe as a coastal linear Park. Just as we invest heavily in our great Regional Parks, we must manage well our coastline recognise its value while undertaking remedial and coastal works to protect it and maximising its enjoyment value for us all.
l am very keen to see the harbour to be restored, to maximise their economic and recreational value developed as part of the great coastal asset of Fingal.
If you have any ideas or comment, please contact me by email"

Preserving the Beauty of Fingal's Coastline: Balancing Erosion Control with Sustainable Tourism

The coastline of Fingal, located in North County Dublin, Ireland, is known for its beautiful beaches, stunning cliffs, and picturesque villages. However, the area is facing a significant issue with coastal erosion that threatens the natural beauty of the region. In this article, we will discuss the impact of erosion on the coastline of Fingal and explore ways to encourage tourism to the area, with a focus on Balbriggan, Skerries, Loughshinny, and Rush.

Coastal erosion is a natural process that occurs when waves and currents remove sand and soil from the shoreline. However, in recent years, the rate of erosion on the Fingal coastline has accelerated due to climate change, sea-level rise, and human activities such as coastal development and overfishing. This has led to the loss of beaches, dunes, and cliffs, as well as damage to infrastructure and property.

The erosion on the Fingal coast is a significant concern for the local communities and the tourism industry. The coastline is a popular destination for visitors who come to enjoy the scenic beauty, outdoor activities, and cultural heritage of the area. However, the erosion and its impact on the environment and infrastructure can deter tourists from visiting and affect the local economy.

To address the issue of erosion and promote tourism to the Fingal coast, several initiatives have been taken by the local authorities and communities. One such initiative is the Fingal Coastal Way, a 32 km scenic trail that runs along the coast from Balbriggan to Skerries. The trail offers stunning views of the coastline, historic sites, and wildlife habitats, and provides opportunities for walking, cycling, and outdoor activities.

Another initiative is the development of sustainable tourism practices that focus on preserving the natural environment and promoting local culture and heritage. For example, the Skerries Eco-Tourism Network is a community-led initiative that aims to promote eco-friendly tourism in the area, with a focus on sustainable transport, local food, and cultural activities.

In addition to these initiatives, there are several attractions and activities that can encourage tourists to visit the Fingal coast. Balbriggan, Skerries, Loughshinny, and Rush are all charming coastal villages that offer a range of experiences for visitors. Balbriggan has a rich maritime history and a beautiful beach, while Skerries is known for its picturesque harbour, water sports, and seafood restaurants. Loughshinny is a hidden gem that offers a tranquil beach and scenic walks, while Rush has a vibrant community and a long sandy beach.

To further promote tourism to the Fingal coast, it is essential to raise awareness about the issue of erosion and the need for sustainable practices to preserve the natural environment. This can be done through educational programs, public campaigns, and collaborations between local authorities, businesses, and communities.

In conclusion, erosion on the coastline of Fingal is a pressing issue that needs to be addressed to preserve the natural beauty of the area and promote sustainable tourism. Initiatives such as the Fingal Coastal Way and the Skerries Eco-Tourism Network, as well as attractions and activities in Balbriggan, Skerries, Loughshinny, and Rush, can encourage tourists to visit the area and support the local economy. However, it is crucial to raise awareness about the impact of erosion and the importance of sustainable practices to ensure the long-term viability of the Fingal coast as a destination for visitors.

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