Council bids to reduce amount of disposable cups in Fingal

Mayor of Fingal Cllr Anthony Lavin and Fingal County Council chief executive Paul Reid

Fingal County Council has taken the first step in its bid to reduce the amount of disposable cups being used each year in the county.

The Council’s 1,400 staff were each given a reuseable KeepCup today and will be encouraged to use it instead of disposable cups. Disposable cups will no longer be available in the Council offices and depots.

Chief Executive Paul Reid said the Council wanted to take the lead in its efforts to reduce the 12 million disposable cups sent to landfill or incineration by people in Fingal each year.

“As a Council we contribute 53,000 disposable cups to that figure of 12 million which results in 702 trees being cut down to produce them. I spoke to the staff about Climate Change earlier in the year and we also heard from experts in the field. While we do have a number of successful environmental programmes there was a strong feeling from the staff that we should be doing more as a Council so this is one small step among many that we intend to take over the coming years.”

The Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Anthony Lavin, welcomed the initiative and hoped that others within Fingal would follow the Council’s lead. “Over 160,000 trees are cut down to produce the 12 million disposable cups Fingal sends to landfill and incineration every year and that’s having an effect on the climate. I hope people and businesses across Fingal will see what can be achieved by cutting out disposable cups and getting a reusable cup. If we all do that we can make a difference.”

The KeepCup, when compared to disposable cups, reduces landfill by at least 99 per cent and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 92% and Edwina Dunford, Environmental Education Officer with Fingal County Council, said that the simple act of not using disposable cups has the ability to make a difference in the mitigation of Climate Change.

“Takeaway cups cannot be recycled in Ireland and most of the world’s paper supply, about 71%, still comes from diminishing forests, not tree farms or the recycling bin. Everybody should be looking to get a reusable cup and stop using disposable cups,” she said.