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Council giving Hawthorn and Mountain Ash trees to Fingal households



To celebrate National Tree week, Fingal County Council is offering a small tree to households who will plant them in their private garden in an effort to promote the growth of trees, encourage pollinating insects and reduce the effects of Climate Change.

There will be a choice of two trees, Hawthorn or Mountain Ash. They will be one to two feet in height. The Hawthorn grows to between four to eight metres high after 20-50 years. The Mountain Ash grows more than 12 metres high after 20-50 years and may be suitable for larger gardens.

There will be a tree planting demonstration in Ardgillan on Wednesday, 20 March at 11am and the trees will be given out after the demonstration. The trees can be collected in Ardgillan on that day and, due to huge response, we have arranged an additional collection time on Saturday 23 March at 11.30am in the Top Car Park at Ardgillan Demesne. Those interested are advised to bring two bags. There will be a maximum of two trees per household available. Those interested should contact 087 752 0506 by text or email before the 13 March. Please write the tree you require in the subject of the email.

General enquires can be made during the tree planting demonstration. Please note that you don’t need to book for the tree planting demonstration and that texts and emails will not be replied to due to the volume of texts.

Commenting on the initiative, head of gardening at Ardgillan Castle, Dominica McKevitt said: “Fingal County Council is one of the first local authorities to implement this initiative which will allow us to encourage pollinator insects and mitigate the effects of climate change. This is another example of actions that Fingal residents can take to tackle Climate Change and protect the County’s biodiversity and environment.”

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