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Council seeks further information from Developer to proceed with Planning Application at Sea Banks

Today Fingal County Council wrote to the developer and requested further information regarding the proposed development lands at Sea Mills Hoisery Factory, Baths Road Balbriggan, which the company will be required to respond to in the coming weeks.

The full details of the request for more information can be read here: FINGAL COUNTY COUNCIL DECISION

The Developer has 6 months to provide the information requested following which the decision can be to A. grant permission, B. refuse permission or C. again seek clarification. reached out to a Local Architect this evening who told us the following:

"If you can answer the items requested to their satisfaction then yes it will be granted, normally a 2 step process to a grant. Big item is access under the railway, if they can't get deliveries, fire truck, rubbish truck under the railway then its dead in the water. They have to demonstrate how they are going to get them under if, if they can't they they'll refuse."

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