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Fianna Fáil Fingal group support Darragh O’Brien T.D. & party leadership Government formation plans.

Fianna Fáil Dublin Fingal

Councillors Press Release

The Fianna Fáil Dublin Fingal group of Darragh O'Brien T.D., Councillor Darragh Butler, Councillor Brian Dennehy, Councillor Adrian Henchy, Councillor Brigid Manton and Mayor of Fingal Councillor Eoghan O'Brien, met recently over Zoom to discuss the proposed framework for Government document between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. Whilst what is being proposed would not have been anyone’s first choice before the election, it was agreed that now more than ever, the country needs a strong Government that will be capable of lasting the full five-year term, that can take the tough decisions, support businesses and employment and can help get people and the country back to work over what is going to be a very difficult time for our country. 

The Councillors offered their full support to Darragh O’Brien T.D. and the party leadership in working towards putting a Government in place based on this framework.

The provision of more available and affordable housing, health care and childcare were all mentioned as key deliverables that have to be dealt with once and for all. The COVID19 pandemic has placed our health care services front and centre for the moment and this must remain a priority for the foreseeable future, not only in relation to the services around the pandemic but also around both our physical and mental health and providing a reformed health care service that can better meet the on-going health requirements of all citizens in a more timely and affordable manner.

It is vitally important that local infrastructure projects such as Metro and extending the DART to Balbriggan remain on track as these projects could act as a key stimulus in kick starting our economy. An improved public transport network that includes safer walking and segregated cycling infrastructure were also raised along with education and a more targeted school delivery programme that can meet the needs of our growing and emerging communities, including proper supports for those with special needs and their families. The Councillors agreed that we need to see all local stakeholders included in the process and a special emphasis on the delivery of special education places in every school.

The Councillors expressed serious concerns with regard to the Strategic Housing Development (SHD) planning applications that are going direct to An Bord Pleanála, by-passing Fingal County Council and being granted permissions above and beyond what would be permitted under the County Development Plan and what is suitable for their locations.  These powers need to be given back to the local authorities along with the funding to deliver social and affordable housing in line with our County Development Plans.

The Councillors welcomed the commitment to continue to work on the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement and the establishment of a unit within the Department of An Taoiseach to work towards a consensus on a united Ireland.

The climate crisis remains a serious threat to this and future generations. At the moment the effects of coastal erosion can be seen all along our coast line and as part of this we need to see funding once and for all to implement long overdue north County Dublin coastal erosion measures.  The Councillors welcomed the commitment to a new green deal for Ireland and Europe and for urgent and significant action on Climate Change to be prioritised. 

The meeting ended with the Councillors thanking and congratulating Darragh O'Brien T.D. for his role on the Fianna Fáil negotiating team and that they will be strongly recommending his name to party leader, Micheál Martin, for inclusion as a full Cabinet Minister in any new Government that is formed in the coming weeks. Dublin Fingal needs a strong voice at Cabinet and having served several terms as both a T.D. and Senator, that Darragh O'Brien would make an excellent Minister in any new administration that is formed. The group wished Micheál Martin the very best of luck in his endeavours to form the next Government. Mayor of Fingal, Councillor Eoghan O'Brien 0868580562 / Councillor Darragh Butler 0879595378 / Councillor Brigid Manton 0862476596 / Councillor Adrian Henchy 0876814485 / Councillor Brian Dennehy 0852298201 /

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