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Fingal Community Facilities Network Launch ‘Connecting Communities’ Information Booklet

The Fingal Community Facilities Network has launched an information booklet that provides information on the range of services, facilities and activities available across all of the 31 community facilities supported by Fingal County Council’s Community Development Office.

The launch of the Fingal Community Facilities Network Information Booklet “Connecting Communities” by the Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Eoghan O’Brien took place at Donabate Portrane Community Centre.

The information booklet, compiled by the Fingal Community Facilities Network, provides a snap shot of what each community centre offers. It includes opening hours, activities, volunteering opportunities and what happens on a daily basis in any of the 31 Fingal County Council supported community facilities across Fingal, from Dublin 15 to Balbriggan and along the coast from Howth to Rush.

Each centre is a dynamic and independent not-for-profit community organisation with programs and services aimed at fostering social connections and wellbeing. By listening to community needs and interests the centres management teams identify what is needed and popular in each area.

In an effort to ensure no one is excluded, the information booklet will also be available in Irish, Polish and French languages and will be available on community centre and Fingal County Council web sites.

Speaking at the launch, Mayor of Fingal Cllr Eoghan O’Brien said: “Community Facilities help to build Communities and extends a hand of friendship to those living in isolation. Fingal County Council supported Community Facilities can offer a lifeline to people who have no support network, while providing spaces for groups to grow and develop significantly impacting their local Community. They offer opportunities for children and young people to engage in a wide range of activities and initiatives. They play a key role in building stronger communities.”

Fingal County Council’s Director of Housing and Community, Margaret Geraghty said: “The publication of the information booklet will undoubtedly prove to be an important source of information for our residents in finding out more about what our community centres have to offer. Our community centres play a vital role in bringing people together and reducing isolation and encourage people to take part in both educational and recreational activities."


Photo Caption: Donabate Portrane Community Centre Manager Jacinta Lowndes, Fingal County Council’s Chief Executive AnnMarie Farrelly, Mayor of Fingal Cllr Eoghan O’Brien and Huntstown Community Centre Manager Chris Sullivan at the launch of ‘Connecting Communites’ information booklet.

About the Network

The Fingal Community Facilities Network was set up in 2017 by the Community Facilities Support Unit of the Community Development Office and provides a networking support structure for managers, staff and volunteers of community facilities across the county of Fingal. There are currently 60 members registered with the Network.

Members include:

• facility managers

• supervisors and key staff

• volunteer management committee officers

• volunteers who work in community centres

Members can share work experiences and exchange best practices in managing community centres with colleagues. The network promotes the sharing of skills across the 31 community centres and provides expertise in facility management, finance, business planning and offer supports such as training and development in areas like data protection or new changes in legislation.

With a population of 300,000 people, and an annual footfall over one million people per annum Fingal County Council supported facilities offer many avenues for people to come together and be part of their community, to be creative, to meet new people, banish loneliness, learn new skills, borrow a book, access Wi-Fi, play sport, go to the gym, listen to music, dance, sing, learn something new, bring your child to school, talk to other parents, be actively retired, visit an exhibition, the possibilities are endless and thanks to our wonderful diverse population the centres constantly evolve and change to adapt to what’s needed.

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