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Fingal Mayor's Awards 2018 Nominee - Charlie Curtis

My dad, Charlie Curtis, is one of the nominees. And I think so well deserved . He's in Balbriggan scouts since a child and when older he became o selfless leader. Hes a leader for Scouts and now even though retired is still heavily involved in particular with camp training and camp cooking. Hundreds of men in Balbriggan know him as their old scout leader little realising he's still a leader. He's been to camp all over Ireland and places such as Denmark. He always comes back exhausted as he stays awake much of the night making sure always someone awake to be there in case a homesick kid wakes. Many don't realise that camp means time away from family and complete use of annual leave for holidays. But he perpetually lives the Scout motto "to give and not to count the cost" please support his nomination

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