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Fingal Old IRA Remembers 1918 in Balbriggan Sunday August 12th

The Fingal Old IRA Commemoration Society 1916-1921 will hold commemoration event on Sunday the 12th August at 11.00 am. The event will recall the role played by Balbriggan men in the campaign against the British Governments plans to introduce conscription in Ireland.

The Society established 1944 has embarked on hosting commemorative events throughout Fingal marking moments over the 1913 – 1921 period in which Fingal men and women have played a significant part.

The Society will convene at the Square at eleven o’clock on Sunday the 12th next. They, will be supported by Black Raven Pipe Band. The parade will then march to Bridge Street where the Proclamation will be read, the Tricolour raised and a wreath will be laid in memory of all who gave service to the Fingal Volunteers during the revolutionary period.

The Parade will then return to The Square for an address by the Deputy Mayor of Fingal County Council local Councillor Graínne Maguire. A talk will be delivered on the events of 1918 and Balbriggan’s role as the nation rose in opposition to the English proposal to conscript the young men of Ireland. The revolutionary movement recruited men of exceptional courage for a very special mission. Amongst those recruited were some Balbriggan volunteers who knew that the task when completed would lead to almost certain death.

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