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Garrett Mullan hosting Public Meeting - What are the solutions to the housing crisis?

Garrett Mullan is hosting this public meeting to promote an engagement on solutions to the housing crisis. The details are:

7:30pm Wednesday 21st November Milestone Inn Speakers: Orla Hegarty (School of Architecture, Planning and Environment, UCD) Rory Hearne (Department of Applied Social Studies, NUI Maynooth)

Balbriggan's population has increased from 6,000 to just over 24,000 in 20 years. While the population has increased so much, the town centre is less vibrant now than it was 20 years ago. Fingal Council Development Plan 2017-23 allows for possibly another 4,000 houses. Local and national government are under pressure to deliver housing. How best can Balbriggan be developed? What changes would you like to see? How big should the town be? What does the town need?

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