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Gender pay inequality and imbalance continues to persist in workplaces across Ireland – Clifford-Lee

Fianna Fáil Senator and Seanad Spokesperson for Justice, Lorraine Clifford-Lee has called for measures to be put in place to bring an immediate end to the gender pay gap which is leaving Irish men receiving pay on average 14% higher than women.

Senator Clifford-Lee, Chair of the Oireachtas Cross Party Group on Workplace Equality, hosted a briefing in Leinster House yesterday afternoon on the need for legislative action to address the gender pay gap in Ireland.

She said, “It’s a disservice to women to the women of Ireland to simply acknowledge that a gap exists and that there are in fact obstacles to achieving gender balance at all levels in organisations.

“Those who deny this issue now are burying their heads in the sand. Instead, they should look to jurisdictions such as Australia and the UK to see how positive legislative changes have been implemented there, and the way in which workplaces have proactively responded.

“Similar measures are required here to transform poor workplace culture and practices for the countless Irish women that remain affected. It’s time that the clear commitment to reduce the gender pay gap as outlined in the Programme for Government gets underway.

“There is a responsibility on us all to make sure employers, policymakers and the general public are aware of the impact that the complexity of the gender pay gap is having on our society,“ concluded Clifford-Lee.

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