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Ignored: Balbriggan peoples1300 submissions on the Castlelands Masterplan

Balbriggan News has received the following statement from the Coalition of eight Balbriggan Residents' Associations (CoBRA):

"It is clear from talking to our Councillors about their latest briefing from Fingal County Council that the council plans to largely ignore the 1300 submissions about the Castlelands Masterplan. They are planning to ratify the plan in January 2020 - keeping 850 housing units and an average density of 49 units per hectare. A Coalition of eight Balbriggan Residents' Associations (CoBRA) has formed to resist what FCC plans to do in Balbriggan and we need a strong united community voice to make FCC listen and change the Castlelands Plan so it it is suitable for the town and so that it complies with the latest planning laws. We need a loud message to go to FCC and the contact email for the senior planner is: "

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