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Important commitment to MetroLink in National Development Plan – Minister Darragh O’Brien

The Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage and Local Fingal TD, Darragh O’Brien has welcomed the commitment contained in the National Development Plan (NDP) for the MetroLink.

The proposed MetroLink project consists of a 19km north-south, carbon-neutral railway service to run between Swords and Dublin City Centre, connecting key destinations including Dublin Airport and the City Centre, serving 15 stations, with a journey time of approximately 25 minutes.

Minister O’Brien said he absolutely understood frustrations in relation varying timeframes but assured constituents that he would be a firm advocate for the project in Government. Commenting he said, “The NDP gives a commitment that the MetroLink project will enter the statutory planning process in the first half of next year. This coupled with the funding committed to by Government will mean the project can move off the drawing board and into construction – a most welcome commitment for the people of North County Dublin.

“MetroLink is likely the largest ever public investment project in the history of the State and this Government is committed to its funding and delivery as quickly as possible. A Business Case will be submitted shortly to Government for approval as required under the Public Spending Code and I will be a strong supporter of it around the Cabinet table.”

“Residents along the route are participating in public consultation with the MetroLink team and as expected some designs along the route need refinement based on resident feedback. Once the consultation has been completed, planning will be lodged, and then the project moves to construction. The backing of this project with Government finance as per the NDP will ensure it becomes a reality.”

Minister O’Brien said the constant negativity from the main opposition Party in relation to the project was disingenuous given the fact they offered no constructive proposals or observations on the MetroLink in their NDP submission, “the main opposition Party continually criticise the project yet they refuse to answer any questions on it when put to them. What I am interested in is getting on with the project, in supporting it in any way that I can and in delivering it for the people of North County Dublin,” he concluded.

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