Invasive Japanese Knotweed becoming well established in Fingal

Rapid spread of Japanese knotweed in Ireland

There have been many reports coming to Balbriggan.Net of sightings of Japanese Knotweed, The invasive species can negatively impact native plants, as well as seriously undermine the structural integrity of roads, buildings and car parks.

Since it was introduced as an ornamental plant from Japan in the 19th century, Japanese knotweed has spread across the island of Ireland, particularly along watercourses, transport routes and waste grounds where its movement is unrestricted.

Recently report on suggested Japanese Knotweed "has the potential to devalue land prices if left untreated"

"Alien invaders: The foreign plant species that could hit the value of your land and property"

A local Balrothery man, Ciaran McDonald recently sent us this report and photographs.

"Last night while doing a litter pick in Balrothery I came across a large patch of the highly invasive "Japanese knotweed" on the R132 opposite side of road to the entrance of Glebe Park /Balrothery Tennis club. I have reported this patch to Fingal but anyone walking or cycling in the town especially on the bye roads that comes across this weed should photograph same, note the location and report to Fingal or Meath Co Co where appropriate. It is very, very dangerous weed and spreads like wildfire and it can only be destroyed in a very specific way by the local authorities. If cut it will spread. A number of people have advised me that they have seen pockets of the weed in Balscaddan & Gormanston but more worryingly at the site where the Circus is staged and also close to where new schools are being built in Balbriggan. This is a serious threat to landowners/farmers. Many councils including Meath Co Co & Cork Co Co are being proactive and have special reporting procedures already in place however it appears the Fingal are not to bothered yet or maybe they feel it is someone else's problem"