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Invitation to Community webinar on Smart Balbriggan

The people of Balbriggan are invited to attend a community webinar on Wednesday, March 10 to learn about projects that are taking place as part of the Smart Balbriggan initiative.

In June 2020, Balbriggan was chosen as Ireland’s first Smart District town, which is a partnership of citizens, industry, academia and the local authority to enhance community life, support economic opportunity and drive innovation through smart district projects.

It is part of the Smart Districts Programme which are strategically selected locations where innovation projects are fast-tracked.

“We have combined the consultation completed as part of Our Balbriggan with virtual events and a public survey run by Smart Balbriggan to develop a Smart Balbriggan Programme Framework,” said Eamonn Donlyn, a member of the Smart Balbriggan Steering Group.

“That framework identified a number of strategic priorities, principles, key objectives and planned actions. Connectivity, mobility and community engagement initiatives are core focus areas for the district.

“And we have also launched a public Trello board to showcase the latest project developments as they happen.”

Trello is an online notice board that is used to organise projects and show what progress has been made. It can be accessed via

The public webinar will take place at 6.30pm on Wednesday, March 10 and will enable members of the community to learn more about district projects and how to get involved.

“At the webinar you will get an update on a number of exciting new projects which have started over the past six months,” said Aoife Sheridan, Chair of Smart Balbriggan Steering Group.

“This will include a Model Quay Street and Harbour 3D Model which will allow the community to experience and consider planned redevelopments immersively ­– and WeCount, a citizen science project on mobility in their own neighbourhoods.

“The webinar will also feature a Smart Balbriggan Hackathon which is an exciting, upcoming community event that will explore new and innovative ways to tackle local challenges to improve the town.”

To RSVP for the Smart Balbriggan webinar email

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