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Irish Soup Kitchen has a new location opening at Balbriggan

Irish Soup Kitchen has a new location opening at 6 Linen Court in Balbriggan. The new location will run the same as our two other locations in Navan and Drogheda by providing free hot meals 7 days a week and distributing free food parcels for locals who are in need of assistance. Irish Soup Kitchens has been operating since 2013 at Brew’s Hill in Navan and will have expanded to four locations by the beginning of 2019 when our Dundalk location is up and running.

We are helping people have access to hot food and a friendly atmosphere in the current economic climate. We have given out over 1 million euros in food since we started, and we fully intend to push that number further as we move into different communities across Ireland.

We are a volunteer-based organisation and in opening the Balbriggan location we are trying to make our presence known in the community.

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