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Learn about The Rise and Fall of Balbriggans Cotton Mills.

- Discover and learn about the The Cotton Mills of Balbriggan 1770 – 1870 -

Cotton Mills Balbriggan 1903

A fascinating talk and presentation will given during Heritage Week. Next Sunday evening Dr David Sorensen will present "Balbriggan Cotton Mills 1770 - 1870". The talk contains some interesting new research which will be of great local interest.

Boom and Bust: The Cotton Mills of Balbriggan 1770 – 1870 In the late 1770s Balbriggan was at the forefront of cotton production in Ireland. Alas it was not to last.

Balbriggan was a town of mills. Water power was critical to the development of the town’s industrial heritage.Employment in the cotton mills transformed Balbriggan from a sleepy fishing hamlet to a thriving industrial town.

26 August, 7:30pm - 9pm

Balbriggan Tourism

Bracken Court Hotel, Balbriggan

Co. Dublin – Fingal

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See below a gallery of images and documents from the time.

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