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Looking Forward to 2017.

We trust everyone had a good rest over the holiday period and enjoyed the festivities. Apart from a few days in hospital and presently suffering from a bad head cold, things are good all round. We had hoped to post more old Balbriggan photos work and feeling miserable put paid to that. We were delighted to hear about the Lighthouse and we look forward to seeing the new dome sometime this year, that’s why we have changed our cover photo to show how the Lighthouse should look like. Today we bring you a photo from I think the 1980s when a truck crashed into Tubbys. If my memory serves me correctly I think the truck hit some ice but let me know if you know different. Finally, Can I take this opportunity to express my condolences to Bairbre Curtis and family on the passing of Phil Curtis. Phil is the brother of our Joe and although I didn’t know Phil well, any time I did meet him was always an enjoyable time. RIP Phil.

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