Mayor opens Castle Mill Road in Balbriggan

The Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Darragh Butler, officially opened the Castle Mill Road in Balbriggan today.

The road, which cost €1.4m to build, was funded from the Council’s development levies and the project was delivered on time and on budget.

Although it is only 530m long, the opening of the Castle Mill Road represents an important milestone in the on-going development of Balbriggan by Fingal County Council. It will be a key link between large areas of residential developments, with a local commercial centre, and the road network surrounding Balbriggan.

The road consists of a single lane in each direction together with a footpath and cycleways on each side. A pedestrian crossing has also been installed adjacent to St George’s School and similar signals were constructed at the Moylaragh junction.

Among the benefits the Castle Mill Road will bring to Balbriggan is the removal of Heavy Goods

Vehicles from the main residential and recreational areas of north-west Balbriggan as well as enhanced access from north-west Balbriggan to the Naul Road. It will also provide improved and safer access to and from the schools in the area, through the provision of new cycle and footpath facilities. There will also be enhanced access to the main shopping areas on the Naul Road and to Balbriggan town centre, as well as, an alternative access route to the main residential areas of north- west Balbriggan for public service vehicles.

“We view this as a significant asset for the area, which we hope will be the springboard for further enhancements,” said Fingal County Council Chief Executive Paul Reid. “A significant challenge is in the provision of suitable infrastructures to enable local communities to have a high quality of life, good access to services and an attractive environment within which to live. The Castle Mill Road is one piece of the infrastructure jigsaw. It’s a small but significant piece in ensuring that the people of Balbriggan have a better quality of life, enhanced accessibility and safer communities.”

The Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Darragh Butler said: “Hopefully as the economy recovers, and we have the means to invest in the County and further develop its essential infrastructures, we will have many such occasions in the coming years. This is a good day for local residents, who have experienced high levels of traffic in this area and the associated inconvenience, but also for the businesses, schools and other facilities in the local community. It is also a good day for Balbriggan. Fingal County Council continues to work with the local communities, the Chamber of Commerce and others to ensure that Balbriggan is a good place to live, a good place to visit and a good place within which to do business.”

The land for the road was acquired from the Department of Education and Science and from the Pierse Family, with the land transferred to the Council at no cost. The project team was led by Jim Cleary and Tom O’Connor from Fingal County Council’s Planning and Strategic Infrastructure Department and they, along with other Council staff, worked with Consulting Engineers O’Connor Sutton Cronin and McAvoy Contractors of Banbridge to deliver the project.

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