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Meath Deputy speak at Rath Cross

On Sunday the 29th Deputy Thomas Byrne gave a fine address to those gathered

at the Fingal Old IRA Monument outside Ashbourne. He spoke of the need to

know history, to learn from it and most importantly put it into context.

The President of the Society presided noting that the group was founded

seventy five years ago. He told a little of the history of the ups and down

of those years but told of his confidence that the Battle of Ashbourne would

remain an important moment in the history of the country.

The Mayor of Meath Wayne Harding also addressed the gathering and spoke of

how the Society had played an important part with Meath County Council in

ensuring that the Battle of Ashbourne was remembered and celebrated. He

spoke of some of the central characters of the Battle and the important role

they played.

Amongst the attendance from Fingal were Deputy O'Brien, Councillors Adrian

Henchy, Graínne Maguire, Darragh Butler and Cathal Boland along with Cllr

Tobin represented the Meath Members. It was good to see former Councillors

May McKeown and David O'Connor also in attendance. David gave a lovely

rendition of Sean O 'Casey's Lament for Thomas Ashe.

A small reception was held on site which was well received.

The Society will host an event in Oldtown to mark the seventieth anniversary

of Mollie Adrian death. Mollie was an extraordinary woman who acted as a

courier, scout and first aider during Easter Week and continued to provide

support in the following years.

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