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Mendicity 1916 Relatives Action Group organise Commemoration

On Sunday the 22nd last, the 1916 Garrison of the Mendicity Institute were remembered. The battle fought at the Institute has a special significance for Fingal. The location came to be known as Heuston’s Fort, so named after the young Commandant who had commandeered the building on Easter Monday. On the Tuesday of Easter Week James Connolly, the Dublin Commandant called on Fingal for support, Thomas Ashe sent Captain Richard Coleman with a company of twenty Fingal Volunteers to the relief the Dublin Garrison.

On arrival at the GPO Connolly redirected Coleman and a dozen of his men to support Heuston. The Institution located at Ushers Island on the Dublin Quays was of strategic importance to the rebels in delaying the movement of British troops into the city. James Connolly had charged Heuston on the Monday with holding the Institution for three hours. In fact, he held it for three days. He achieved this with the support of the Fingal men. When the Volunteers surrendered on the third day of the Rising, Swords native Peter Wilson, a Fingal Volunteers was shot dead while under the flag of surrender.

Mendicity 1916 Relatives Action Group organised Sunday’s Commemoration. They invited the Fingal Old IRA Commemoration 1916-1921 Society to provide a Colour Party and Guard at the graveside of Peter Wilson who is buried in the grounds of Dr Stevens Hospital. Rush Piper Darragh Bollard was also in attendance and played a piper’s lament at the graveside.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin Mícheál Mac Donncha MCC. Was in attendance as where relatives of the Garrison, Rush Councillor Brian Dennehy Fingal Deputy Mayor, along with Cllr Darragh Butler, and many supporters.

Following the wreath laying in Dr Stephens’ grounds, the assembly then relocated to the Mendicity Inst.

A wreath was laid there by Sr. Paula Peter a niece of Captain Richard Coleman and the Lord Mayor delivered an address. The Proclamation was read by Cathal Boland the Cathaoirleach of the Fingal Old IRA Commemorative Society. The day concluded with the playing of the National Anthem by Darragh Bollard.

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