Minister’s interest in Rebuilding Home Loan Scheme lasted only as long as the publicity - O'Brien

Commenting on reports that the Government’s Home Loan Scheme has run into funding difficulties, Fianna Fáil’s Housing Spokesperson, Darragh O’Brien said, “The Rebuilding Ireland Home loan scheme was sold as the key evidence of Fine Gael’s commitment to improving home affordability.

“Once again, it appears that the entire focus of Fine Gael was on generating publicity rather than developing and resourcing an actual policy that would have an impact in the real world.

"Just two weeks ago the Minister referred to the home loan scheme when I raised concerns but failed to acknowledge any issues, despite now knowing that at least one Local Authority had flagged funding problems. This raises two possibilities – the Minister deliberately withheld important information, or he is just not on top of his brief.

"The Minister needs to quickly clarify when he discovered that the scheme was running out of funding? When he became aware of this, why did he not inform the Dáil or the Housing Committee? He also needs to quickly clarify why Local Authorities were kept in the dark.

“Those who have submitted a valid application, who are eligible for the scheme and have proceeded on the basis that they would be getting this help need to know what the Minister is planning to do about it and what support they will be getting.

“This latest chapter in the country’s housing crisis is further evidence of the lack of focus, planning and competent execution on the part of this Minister,” Deputy O’Brien concluded.