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Mullen welcomes scheme encourage cycling, walking and non car ways of getting about.

"Delighted this is now a thing as it is something I have been working on to encourage cycling, walking and non car ways of getting about- Fresh Air Friday 15/2" - Garrett Mullan

Fingal Council, Balbriggan Sports Hub, Balbriggan Tidy Towns with support from Cycling & Angling Shop, Balbriggan Cycling Club and Java the Hut coffee stand, we are promoting Fresh Air Friday on 15th February 2019.

Think of it as Operation Transportation- how will you get to school, college or wherever you need to on the day? Can you cycle, walk, scooter, skateboard, hoverboard your way there?

To encourage cycling, the Cycling & Angling shop are offering Bike Maintenance workshops to schools and other organisations. To encourage people to get involved otherwise,, Java the Hut coffee stand are offering coffee at €2 to anyone who says 'Fresh Air Friday' on the day.

To get involved or for more information, email or simply complete this form…/1FAIpQLScB0PDnOg8mf2KAA_…/viewform

On the day, use the hashtag #ActiveBalbriggan

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