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New Community Development Officer appointed to Balbriggan area

Fingal County Council has appointed Leah Walshe as the new Community Development Officer assigned to the Balbriggan area. She succeeds Mick Dunne who had held the post for several years.

Leah, who has worked for Fingal County Council for the past five years, had been based in Dublin 15. She has over 20 years’ experience of working with a broad range of communities in the Philippines, the Caribbean, Australia and in Ireland and has a social justice background with an emphasis on upholding standards of honesty, ethics and integrity.

She has academic qualifications in International Community Development, Journalism and Housing and has extensive experience in the social sector with a focus on vulnerable migrant families and children as well as having a firm understanding of the asylum system internationally and the situation of migrants in Ireland.

Leah Walshe talking about her new role:

Speaking, following the announcement of her appointment, Leah Walshe said: “Balbriggan is the youngest and one of the fastest growing and most diverse communities in the country. This brings with it many strengths, but there are also many challenges that come with rapid change over a short period of time. As the Community Officer in Balbriggan I want to create opportunities for meaningful interaction between people from all backgrounds. I want to mitigate prejudice whilst increasing constructive attitudes. I want to support the process for building trust and understanding and I want to help create a common identity.”

Leah has commenced her role in recent weeks and is currently preparing for the full easing of COVID-19 restrictions by Government on 22 October with plans being drawn up for a reopening reception and launch of the Fingal Community and Sports Hub in Balbriggan which will include a series of open days showcasing a range of community groups, and community support services.

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