New equipment sponsor for Balbriggan CoderDojo

Colin Whelan OmniSys Lts and Niall Keady Balbriggan CoderDojo

A big rise in coding Ninjas coming along to CoderDojo Balbriggan has seen big demands being put on our WiFi equipment up to now we could happily accommodate up to 25 devices. However recently we have see devices struggle to access the internet with new members joining all the time and with parents devices connecting also this was becoming a real problem. Part of my own role with Balbriggan CoderDojo is development and sponsorship.

We were delighted when Colin Whelan from OmniSys stepped up and provided a

solution and we could now potentialy support 5 times the number of devices. Colins company has supplied the equipment and covered the cost for Balbriggan CoderDojo.

Colin and his son Sean joined us last Saturday when the equipment went live for the first time. Sean got involved with the coders and we hope he will be joining us next time too. Colin got to discover what Coderdojo is all about and may get more involved in the future too.

Colin Whelan OmniSys Lts and Eoin O'Neil Balbriggan CoderDojo Champion

Again thanks to Colin and all the team at OmniSys we are very grateful. Also we are grateful of the continued support from Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce.

If you want to find our more about CoderDojo Balbriggan click the link below and register, you will then be notified of our next CoderDojo usually every 2 weeks at Castlelands Community Centre.

We need more Mentors to aid the coder learning and help the Ninjas. We also need volunteers to help with the organising. While every kid joins and participates free of any cost places are limited and with more mentors and volunteers we can take more from our ever growing waiting list.

Neil Kenny, Sean and Colin Whelan, Nathaniel and Eoin O'Neil, Ben and Niall Keady