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New Fingal movement against hate gains ground

Far-right fail to make an electoral breakthrough

The Fingal by-election saw a new anti-racism group, Fingal Communities Against Racism (FCAR), take an active campaigning role against attempts by the far-right to make an electoral breakthrough in North County Dublin. In the course of the by-election campaign, FCAR received huge support from residents of towns and communities across Fingal. It is clear people strongly reject racist dog-whistle politics and attempts to divide their communities. This is reflected in the failure of the far-right to make an electoral breakthrough in the region, and the lack of support for a candidate known for her far-right views on immigration and hate speech.

FCAR spokesperson Dr. Lucy Michael said, “Fingal Communities Against Racism has grown faster than any of us could have imagined. We would like to thank the people of Fingal for the support they have shown us over the past number of weeks. We would also like to thank trade unions, small local businesses and election candidates who stepped forward to support the anti-racism message.” 10 of the 12 candidates standing in the by-election signed INAR’s (Irish Network Against Racism) Anti-Racism Election Protocol which committed them to conduct their campaigns in such a way that did not incite hatred or prejudice on the grounds of: ‘race’, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religious belief and/or membership of the Traveller or Roma Communities.

FCAR will continue campaigning for strong, united and inclusive communities. Dr. Lucy Michael said, “Fingal benefits from being one of the most diverse and progressive regions in the country with the youngest age profile. Next year will likely see a general election; we must remain on our guard against the far-right making further attempts at spreading their toxic and divisive ideology. Grassroots, community-based campaigns such as FCAR have a vital role to play everywhere; not least in reminding our public representatives we expect certain standards from them, and in ensuring hateful racist and fascist rhetoric and associated far-right groups don’t become normalised to the detriment our local communities.”

FCAR will join the 1pm rally for Peace on Earth on Saturday, December 14th at Leinster House. This rally is supported by faith groups, trade unions, community groups; and FCAR invites everyone across Fingal to join them in celebrating the season of peace and joy.

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