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New homes will help reduce housing list - FCC

News that rapid-build homes completed at Pinewood Balbriggan is welcome. Any efforts that helps stop children and families living in hotels is positive. Recent images of children sleeping in Garda stations is heart breaking. People need to welcome these additional homes and support efforts to house families who continue to face difficulties as a result of housing crises. Anyone that has issues or objects with new housing should focus their attention and energies towards seeking amenities and facilities that will benefit the whole community. We need a local swimming pool, the main street needs investment and supports to encourage commerce. Building our community as well as new houses is what is important rather than objecting and banging out comments on forums, join the tidy towns, get involved with a cause give to your community your time to help make our town a better place where everyone can feel welcome.

Fingal County Council

August 13, 2018


Seventy-one new Social Housing homes delivered in Balbriggan and Clonsilla

A further 71 new build social housing homes have been delivered across the county in recent weeks by Fingal County Council as its construction programme continues to ramp up.

The latest batch of houses brings to 122 the number of newly built social housing homes provided by the Council’s Housing and Community Department this year and there are a further 198 under construction at seven sites across the county.

Fifty-one of the new homes in Clonsilla and Balbriggan have been provided by two Approved Housing Bodies supported by Fingal County Council – Co-operative Housing Ireland and Respond Housing Association - while the remaining 20 were built by the Council itself at Pinewood in Balbriggan

The Pinewood development was delivered under the Council’s construction programme. These rapid-build homes have been built to the highest specifications and received an A3 energy rating.

“This is the second rapid build development that we have completed inside the past eight months and there is no doubt that it certainly helping to deliver homes a lot quicker and to a very high standard of specification,“ said Margaret Geraghty, Director of Housing and Community at Fingal County Council.

“We are leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to provide more social housing and reduce our housing list. Our partnerships with Approved Housing Bodies is an important part of our overall strategy and we are delighted that they have been able to deliver a further 51 houses in recent weeks.”

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