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North Fingal still popular with visiting Spanish Students

Making friends for live, Balbriggan man Eoin Tuckey and his Basque wife Estibaliz have been bringing Spanish students to our area since 2010. Their students don't take classes during their stay in Ireland so they spend most of their time with their Irish "sister or brother".

Although they have trips away and activities twice a week it is the total immersion that brings the kids back to the east coast.

Eoin & Estibaliz spend the whole summer in Balbriggan so they are always on hand to offer support and advice to the host families and the students alike.

Groups arrive for the summer from the end of June until mid July, the end of July until mid-August and others for the whole school year.

With groups arriving as soon as the end of this month why not make contact with Eoin and see if your kids can make a friend for life,ohh and they pay TOP rates!



  • Great experience for all!!

  • 24/7 support we will be there for anything you may need

  • One more of the family!

  • Give your children the chance to make friends for life

  • Earn some money while having fun

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